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How to be good at sports Toto!

스포츠토토 메이저놀이터 토토사이트 에서 잘 하는 방법
스포츠토토 메이저놀이터 토토사이트 에서 잘 하는 방법

Today's post is a related article on how to do well in sports Toto.

In fact, running a convenience store and selling lottery tickets, pension lottery tickets, and sports Toto made it impossible not to play lottery games.

As I fought with half curiosity and half greed, I accumulated know-how and coached others.

But you know that my method is not "right" or "winning"?

If 11 soccer commentators become one team, I think it will be the best team in the world.... It's not real.... Like that....

However, the following is good information. For example, in the case of the pension lottery, which is a printed lottery, many people choose to have a different number for each sheet of each group if they buy 7 sheets. Perhaps among those reading this article, "I am!" There must be some who do it.

However, when I buy it....I don't choose each group of 7 sheets, and I buy 7 sheets consecutively in the same group, or I'm telling the customer how to do that. The reason for doing so is that the lottery is ‘let go and eat money’, so if you get first place, you should choose a blessing among the blessings that you will be ranked second. Do you understand what I mean. If you dare to choose one by one, let's say you win.... It's worth 1,000 won....

I coach like this for all lotteries, but sometimes they turn out of my mind. But think about it. If what I'm telling you is really right... with that skill, I'd already be sitting on a money cushion, and if the customer's lottery ticket I told you about was right, this convenience store would be a big hit, so I might already be in another business. That is the fact that the method is just a method.

Sports Toto is the off-season in summer. Nevertheless, my regular customers have been betting steadily while discussing with me, and I also have a chance to bet together. So, it looks like it's been 3 years in Seodanggae. In fact, it is true that there is a lot of interest when you say that I will tell you how to do sports Toto well. Of course, there is a lot of experience and know-how from the field, but I would like to be honest with you that this know-how is not enough to drive the win rate of the game.

However, the reason why I say that I am good at sports Toto is because I literally look at the result by probability...I would like to say something like this. Sports reporters also talked about it. Then, I will write about how to do well in sports toto that I have experienced and practiced.

Sports Toto is said to have a higher probability than the lottery winning rate of 1/800, but I think that is an unknown probability. This is because, in the case of lottery, there are no cases other than matching the numbers, but sports Toto has so many factors that determine win or lose, such as coach, player, win rate, condition, weather conditions, and so on.

How to be good at sports Toto!

The first is analytical power. This analytical power requires viewing data, watching a game, or interacting with the team. In order to increase your analysis power... Please refer only to the basics such as the team's win rate and patient players in sports newspapers or internet information.... Please keep in mind that you have to decide anything that decides a win or lose. What the reporter predicted... don't believe this. Even those famous sports reporters, the odds of predicting the win or loss are insignificant, and it is very different from reporter to reporter.

Second, when choosing a betting item, it is helpful to choose a stock that you know a little well. For example, if you bet on a soccer game that is completely irrelevant to basketball, your analysis will be poor, or even the name of the player is not in your head, so you will get a natural result.

Third, another way to increase the odds is to place a bet by reducing the number of bets to 2-3 matches. Most of our customers' regulars at our convenience store play a prototype game, and 60-70% of them choose only 2-3 matches. Then, the probability is high and you can feel the fun, but if you choose more than 5 matches, the win rate drops and you are quickly tired of losing bets and often give up.

Fourth, it is a tax-free method to choose 100 times or less for betting. If it is less than 100 times, it is possible to refund (tax-free) at the store, but if it exceeds 100 times, it will have to be refunded at Shinhan Bank regardless of the bet amount. In this case, the tax stipulated by the law will be deducted.

Fifth, small bets are recommended. If you bet a lot on a game that is likely to have a high win rate, it will be empowering to be right, but there are more cases that aren't so you'll be drinking a bitter glass rather than the sweet taste of victory. As I'm almost certain, if a team loses forcelessly, the betman's strength is taken away.

Finally, how to do well in sports Toto is fun and interest. As if nothing had happened, if you don't care about it and then suddenly place a bet, your analytical and judgmental skills will decrease. So, you need to apply lubricant occasionally to make your brain spin.

This is a study of how to do well in Sports Toto for the Sports Toto prototype competition ceremony. Other than that, there are cases where you become a fan of a sport or a team with your own interests, cheering hard and betting only the matches of that team, which I think is also a good way.


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